yellow spring flowers

Changes in upcoming events

Just as we are all thinking about spring and looking forward to summer just around the corner, we have to adjust our plans. Due to the COVID-19 virus restrictions the following upcoming events in the Amana Colonies have been rescheduled. Luckily, none of the upcoming events (that I am aware of) have been canceled, just […]

my book picture

Bucket List item completed!

Something I’ve always thought about doing, is writing a children’s book.  I love children’s literature and am drawn to that section of any book store!  I look at a book and think “How could I use that book in class?”  A relatively new type of not only children’s book but also book for adults is […]

scarecrow finished

Signs of Fall

Like it or not, the seasons are changing!  There definitely is a difference in the weather.  We went from hot and humid, to chilly, and this week two very humid days leading up to lower temperatures and rain soon to come.  Is this our “Indian Summer”? In the colonies, fall means Oktoberfest (among other things).  […]