Adapting to small challenges

May 15, 2020 | Blog, News & Updates

As you may or may not know, we also own Lace Lodging in the Amana Colonies. Staying at Lace Lodging is a more independent stay. You have a 4 room suite as opposed to at Zuber’s you have your bedroom and our Wagon Wheel Room to relax in. I enjoy the opportunities each place provides to guests. At Lace Lodging we have a small porch. I decorate with wreaths on the wall. This robin adapted to the challenge of finding a place for her nest by using my wreath rather than a tree! Now when guests go on the porch, mom and dad robin chirp away at you to let you know you are in ‘their’ space. Last year, they used the other wreath and 4 babies hatched in that nest. I’ve not yet tried to see how many eggs are in this nest. Coincidentally we have two window wells at Zuber’s were a dove and a robin have made their nests!

Last time I showed the work I was doing changing the drapes in The Red Carpet Room at Zuber’s. In the process I ‘adapted’ the drapes so they would fit the bay window. This is how the window looks now.

Finally, I love the lilacs that are in bloom around our yard and while recently enjoying a lilac bush and mentally checking things off my ‘To Do’ list, I found a new item for my list! One of my next projects will be to try to repaint some of the metal yard art that we have! I always enjoy a “good” project!
We hope you’ll come to see us soon!

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