Here is a look at a few touches of Christmas around the hotel! A quick note about a few of the pictures:  in the Wagon Wheel Room is a sunny picture of the Christmas Pyramid; the tin green Christmas tree and two candle holders were made by the late Bill Metz, the Middle Amana tinsmith; … Read more

In a previous post I shared that we had some volunteer fall plants coming up.  Following are some pictures to show what has grown!  Many guests had fun walking over to our “gourd bush” and spotting the gourds on the vine amongst the leaves on the bush!

An event I love to attend each year is, Catiri’s Fresh Paint – Iowa Plein Air. This weekend the Amana Colonies will have many artists in and around the villages painting all kinds of wonderful scenes.  Then on Sunday, if you purchase a ticket, you can go to the showing of all the paintings and … Read more

We often receive compliments on the flowers in the barrels on our porch.  Many ask about the purple flowered vine.  This is a short story about these PURPLE HYACINTH BEANS. When we purchased Zuber’s, Yana had these beautiful bean plants growing in the wine barrels out front.  She told me that they were easy to … Read more

For the last several years  we have participated in the “Scarecrow Walk” .  The picture on the left is the scene I created last fall.  There are lots of unusual pumpkins around our ball player.  We cleaned up the spot late in the fall, most of the pumpkins had holes in them due to critters.  … Read more

When you visit the Amana Colonies and you want to have a great meal, you can go to the Ronneburg Restaurant or the Ox-Yoke Inn where you will find a wonderful selection of Amana-German dishes as well as soups, salads, and sandwiches.  You can go to Millstream’s Brau Haus and chose from a variety of … Read more

This summer we have changed room 1, The Trumpeter Swan room to a king-bed room! As part of our routine changing out of mattress sets, we decided to change the Trumpeter Swan room to a king-bed room.  Now we have 3 king rooms, 1, 6, and 13. This room will rent for $144.00 plus tax. … Read more

My how time flies!  What a joy it has been meeting and enjoying getting to know guests at Zuber’s for 9 years!   The the day we purchased Zuber’s, there was one couple staying at the hotel.  We had gone to the bank, signed the papers, and poof!  We are innkeepers WITH guests!  We went back … Read more

This weekend I put out a few bunny decorations for  Spring/Easter time. I found several at an antique shop I was in in Kansas City recently.  They all look at home throughout the Wagon Wheel Room!

When we purchased Zuber’s, the theme of this room was hunting, which you’ll still see throughout.  I added to the theme to reflect all types of ourdoor recreation in the area.  Now you’ll see ideas of outdoor activities such as snow skiing, snow shoes (these skiis were in the Wagon Wheel Room when we purchased … Read more