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August 10, 2021 | Blog, News & Updates

We had never stayed at a B & B until we started thinking about owning and running one.  Then we stayed at or visited several in our search for “the right one”.  What we discovered then and enjoy now as we continue to stay in B & Bs, is that no two are alike.  Every stay you have will be unique based on the location, type of building, and the owners.  Since purchasing Zuber’s, when we can get away for a vacation, we always try to stay in B & Bs.  It is fun to see how other innkeepers do things and to visit with them and their guests about the lodging.  Over the last few years,  we have found several very unique and fun places to stay.

I thought it would be fun to share information about the places we’ve stayed so that if you are looking for a place to go – one of these might be of interest to you.

In our long hallway, I made a small display listing the places we’ve stayed.  I also put together a notebook with a little information about each place and some notes I made about the B&B.  Guests are welcome to read the notebook and certainly to copy the website of these wonderful places!

I have listed B&Bs we have stayed at in: Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.  We normally get away in mid-March, so most of the places we’ve stayed have “good” weather in March, as we are looking to escape the cold and wintery weather of Iowa!

I hope the next time you’re at Zuber’s, you’ll have a look at some of these great B&Bs!

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