Catiri’s Fresh Paint – Follow up

September 5, 2019 | Events

It was wonderful weather last weekend!  There were 45 different artists out and around the colonies painting all different scenes. They had their painting stands set up,  some had umbrellas to help with lighting or a little light rain, some painted sitting on the back of their truck!  All the artists we saw were very willing to let people watch them paint and visited with on-lookers.  We enjoyed having several artists stay at Zuber’s and a couple of the artists even had some of our guests vote on which paintings to submit for the competition!   We were fortunate that several artists painted different views Zuber’s Homestead Hotel and the area around us.  The art show on Sunday night was amazing as always!  We had a hard time choosing which picture to purchase, but did finally make up our minds!  This artist, Carlos Maldonado,  is from our home town – West Liberty, and he said this was only his second year at this event.  The barn in the painting is located in Middle Amana, and several artists painted it this year.  It is a beautiful historic barn that can be easily seen from the road as you drive into Middle Amana.  We look forward to this event every year – but we are running out of wall space to display all the beautiful work!!


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