A new year of recipes!

The Sesquicentennial cookbook

A new year of recipes!

January 11, 2019 | Blog, News & Updates

Where do you get your recipes from? This is a question that we are often asked, along with – “Will you share your recipe?”  As we begin a new year, I have selected a new ‘batch’ of recipes to share with you on the website. There are 3 staff members that cook breakfast at Zuber’s.  Diane is our weekday manager and she cooks Monday – Friday.  Jo is our weekend manager and she cooks on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I fill in when either of them are gone. We all have different resources for our recipes.  Diane is an avid collector of cookbooks and has a collection of over 200 books!  Jo uses recipes from friends, off the internet and our house collection box.  I have some favorite cookbooks (not as many as Diane, though! 😉 ) and I like to look on the internet as well.  We all use the internet to find basic recipes and then change them up as we try them multiple times.  Some of my favorite websites include: Taste of Home, foodnetwork.com, southernbite.com, whitelaceinn.com, and you can just search a specific food and many choices of recipes come up. I have also shared, with permission, recipes from two popular Amana Colonies Cookbooks.  These two books are still available to be purchased. Amana Colony Recipes was compiled by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Homestead Welfare Club.   Homestead is one of the 7 Villages of the Amana colonies, and is where Zuber’s Homestead Hotel is located.       You can call Elaine at: 319-622-3099  if you’d like to order a book. The second book I have shared from is: Seasons of Plenty: Amana Communal Cooking This is a unique cookbook in that it is filled not only with wonderful recipes, but also stories and history of the Amana Colonies.  This book is written by Emilie Hoppe, a born and raised Amana Colonies resident. She complied the recipes and wrote the information or stories that frequent the book.  I learned so much history just by reading through the stories!  This book is available for purchase from the Amana Heritage Museum – located in Amana, and the Amana Arts Guild – located in High Amana. We have used recipes here at Zuber’s from both of these books. How many of you have wonderful cookbooks from churches?  I have several!  Last year I shared, again with permission, recipes from The Pocahontas Lutheran Church Cookbook. This year I will be sharing quite a few recipes from The West Liberty Sesquicentennial Cookbook.    West Liberty is my hometown and I know most all of the cooks listed in this book!  This year I will be sharing recipes from ladies I grew up knowing a wonderful cooks in my church, some are from my friends and their mothers, one is from my piano teacher, a few are recipes I enjoy making and two are very special – the first recipe we share this year is a vegetable soup recipe Brian’s father used to make.  Also in October is a homemade cinnamon roll recipe my mom was known for! I hope you enjoy all these wonderful recipes!

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  1. Shelly Edward January 19, 2019

    We love all the recipes Jo uses to make breakfast! It is always a wonderful treat

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