Recipe: Malt Shoppe Pie

May 18, 2020 | Recipes

This recipe comes from a friend of mine. Linda Maylone was a second grade teacher for many years at West Liberty Elementary School. I first met Linda when she was a student teacher in my second grade class. Then many years later, when I was hired to teach at West Liberty Elementary School, I was able to teach with her as a colleague. Even though we’re both retired from teaching – we still keep in touch.

Malt Shoppe Pie

Bottom Layer:
1 pint softened vanilla ice cream (2 cups)
½ c. crushed malted milk balls
1 Tblsp. milk
1 9” graham cracker crust
Stir softened ice cream, ½ c. malted milk balls and 1 T. milk together.
Spread in crust and freeze while making top layer.

Top Layer:
3 Tblsp. instant choc flavored malt powder
3 Tblsp. marshmallow ice cream topping
1 Tblps. milk
1 cup whipping cream

Blend malt powder, marshmallow topping and milk. Add whipping cream and whip until soft peaks form. Spread on first layer.

Freeze until firm – about 4 hours or overnight. Sprinkle with crushed malted milk balls before serving. Can also add a spoon of cool whip on top.

Before serving, take out of freezer for a few minutes and allow to thaw slightly. Warm knife helps with cutting.

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