“Digging In” on my ‘To Do’ list!

April 24, 2020 | Blog, News & Updates

Well a positive side to the COVID virus is that we have LOTS of time to get jobs done around the hotel! I always have a “To Do” list, and this year, we may get through everything on my list!
A big project was making new drapes for The Red Carpet Room. It has been time to change the bay window drapes for a couple of years, but I just couldn’t ever get enough time together. I bought panel curtains and then shortened them to fit the window, sewed them together to make 4 panels, shortened the valance so it was a more appropriate length, and I added fabric on the back to make the drapes ‘room darkening’. I used left over pieces to make valances for the small window in the main room and for the window in the bathroom. I am excited for guests to come and see the change this makes in The Red Carpet Room!
Another winter project we work on is touch up painting in the rooms. Diane has been busy with that item on the list and has covered a lot of wall space during this time.
I also love to work outside and have my eye set on making a new hosta garden on the north side of the building. When we bought Zuber’s there wasn’t much in the way of landscaping or gardens, so each year I have tried to add a new section. This year I will finish the north side of the building. Where we had LOTS of grass to mow in the past years, we will now have hosta gardens. There are 2 good sized sections of yard on the north side as well as a smaller section on the west corner. Last year I dug out the grass and planted hosta garden which is just outside of rooms 7 and 4. This year I plan to dig out the grass on the other two sections of yard and transplant more hostas into these areas. These gardens are outside of rooms 2 and 3. A couple of neighbors have offered some of their plants when they thin their gardens this year – so I will have a ‘home’ for those plants when they move!
There are always lots of things to work on, on my “To Do” list. It keeps me out of trouble!!
Below are a few quick pictures of a few projects.

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