Indoor S’mores

January 18, 2021 | Blog, News & Updates, Zuber Specials

We are excited to offer a special treat this winter – Indoor S’mores! 

We were at an area resturant that offers this treat and thought this would be something fun to offer at Zuber’s!  So after researching various ways to make the S’mores, I found what will work best of us and our guests.  For safety reasons we have a few guidelines that need to be followed.

The S’more can only be made in the Wagon Wheel Room and while staff are in the building.  You are welcome to take the S’mores to your room after you roast them, if you wish.   Currently we have one roaster, so you might want to talk to the staff member on duty to schedule a time to make your s’mores.  The roaster (it is electric) will be set at the designated table and will be loaded with graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows for two for just $3.00 (cash only).  If when you finish you are still hungry and  want to make more, talk with the person on duty.  If no one else is waiting their turn, then the pieces will be put together for you for $ .75 per S’more.  We list this treat on the “Enhance Your Stay” page.   We hope you’ll enjoy our indoor S’mores!


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