New Coffee Option!

August 4, 2021 | Blog, News & Updates

When we first bought Zuber’s we were serving regular and decaf coffee.  As a coffee lover, I sought out a local coffee roaster who was just expanding his business into Cedar Rapids.  We did a coffee tasting and began to serve some of his coffees.  Flavors we added and continue to serve are: Carmel Hazelnut Creme, Nutty Irishman, Island Grogg, Southern Pecan, Cafe Bella, and we’ve offered a few other seasonal flavors.  His business has grown due to the quality of his coffees!  If you want to check it out, the company is called    Iowa Coffee Roasters

We enjoy providing these delicious coffee choices along with regular coffee or decaf with our breakfasts and upon request during the day or during the Sweet Treat hours.

For late night and early morning coffee lovers we continued with the practice of  putting out coffee in a pump pot.  This was working until COVID guidelines ruled out this option.  As we looked for other ways to offer overnight coffee and to enhance our coffee offerings, we changed our overnight coffee station to a Keurig station!

We will continue to make fresh coffee in the kitchen to go with your breakfast, during the day, and during our Sweet Treat hours.  After we put away the Sweet Treat and get ready to close down for the night, we’ll put out the coffee pods/cups to use in the Keurig machine for late night and early morning coffee drinkers.

There are directions posted for those who may not have had the opportunity to use a Keurig before.  We will have different coffee flavors out for you to choice from.  For those who prefer hot tea, it can be made by brewing a cup of hot water and then adding a tea bag.

We hope you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate during your stay at Zuber’s!


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