Nine years later…

May 27, 2022 | Blog, News & Updates

My how time flies!  What a joy it has been meeting and enjoying getting to know guests at Zuber’s for 9 years!   The the day we purchased Zuber’s, there was one couple staying at the hotel.  We had gone to the bank, signed the papers, and poof!  We are innkeepers WITH guests!  We went back to the hotel from the bank and had a nice visit with the couple.  As we visited with them, we came to learn that they had the same name as a famous comedian – whom he resembled!

So many wonderful memories!  Pictures are of our first day owning Zuber’s, our first guests, and 9 years later – May 8, 2022!

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us over the years!  We look forward to seeing you again!  We welcome new guests to Zuber’s to come and see what sets Zuber’s apart – a hotel like no other!

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