Plan a trip to the Amana Colonies

Pack your bags and head down the road to the Amana Colonies!

Don’t know what to see or do?  We would be happy to help you plan your visit to the colonies!

In our “Things To Do” drop down, we have included several links that list upcoming events and special activities which can help you to plan your visit.  We also realize that especially first time visitors to the Amana Colonies can be overwhelmed with choices and are unsure “where to start” with your visit or have only a short time to be here and “What should I see or do?” is a frequently asked question.  To this end, we are happy to answer questions and give suggestions of things to see and do based on your specific interests and time frame.

Feel free to send us an email with questions and we’ll answer those as soon as we see them or you can call and talk with our staff.  Innkeeper Bonnie is always happy to talk about the Amana Colonies and share ideas of things to see and do. We can connect you with some local craftsmen, point out some unique features of the colonies you might not realize exist, and help you make the most of the time you are here! If you are able to stay multiple days, we can also suggest even more things to do and see in the villages as well as places to go for a day trip in the area including great places to eat – some only locals know about!

A unique feature we have at Zuber’s is our ‘blue notebooks’ located in each room.  As you may (or may not) know, each of our 15 rooms has a theme that is connected both with the state of Iowa and with the Amana Colonies.  In these note books are suggestions for day-trips that relate to the theme of that room, should you wish to explore further!

We have lots of ideas to share for things to see and do in the 7 villages and in the surrounding communities just ask us a question to get us started!!


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