Purple Hyacinth Beans

July 27, 2022 | Blog

We often receive compliments on the flowers in the barrels on our porch.  Many ask about the purple flowered vine.  This is a short story about these PURPLE HYACINTH BEANS.

When we purchased Zuber’s, Yana had these beautiful bean plants growing in the wine barrels out front.  She told me that they were easy to grow and added color to the area.  I have kept them growing every year in the barrels, and have planted some at Lace Lodging and at our home.  They ARE easy to grow! Plant the seed about an inch deep, covering it lightly, in the spring after the threat of frost is gone.  Harvest the dried beans in the fall, I keep the seeds in a coffee can until spring.

Interestingly, one summer I found out that if you pick these at the right time and cook them properly – you can eat the seeds!  Some guests at Lace Lodging figured this out.  I do not eat the seeds – I love how the plant looks as is!

I have included some pictures of these vines from Zuber’s, Lace Lodging, and the vines growing on a light pole is at our home.  You can see the purple bean pods in some of the pictures.  In the fall the pod turns a cream color and is dry, so you just pop it open and pick out the seeds.

I almost always have left over seeds – so if you want to try some, you can ask me in the late fall, winter, or spring for some seeds and if I have some left – I’m happy to share!

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