Suggestions, please!

July 16, 2021 | Blog, News & Updates

During last year’s derecho storm, we lost several trees and many branches in our backyard. We have one tree that took a beating and is still standing, that we are considering having carved or shaped into something…..but aren’t sure what, yet!

We are looking for suggestions of what me might do with this tree. With the tree that we had carved into a baseball bat to reflect Bill Zuber’s history, this tree will make a sort of entrance to our backyard.

We’ve thought about an ear of corn – Iowa used to be called “the tall corn state”.  I have been asking guests for ideas as they sit in the Wagon Wheel room and look out the window.  A few suggestions have been made to have another ball and bat, but we think we’d like to do something else.   The pictures below show our current tree/bat.  The entrance to the backyard – you can see the bat on the left and the tree in question is on the right where you mainly see the trunk.  The last picture is a different view of the tree we hope to ‘reshape’, you can just see the bat on the right.

We’re looking for it to represent the Amana Colonies and or Iowa in some way.  If you have any suggestions, please email them to :       Mark them “attention Bonnie” or “tree suggestions” – that will help them stand out from our other email!

Thank you for your ideas!  I’ll write another blog filling you in on what we decide!

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