Tea and Tales – Take A Bite Weekend

Something that I enjoy sharing at Zuber’s, is an event called “Tea and Tales”.

My daughter and I have always enjoyed finding tea rooms or tea shops to have an afternoon tea.  When we purchased Zuber’s, Jaclyn “suggested” to me that the Wagon Wheel Room would be a perfect place to host an afternoon tea.  As I thought about it, I decided to give it a try.  So I began to research the event of taking tea and began to formulate my ideas as to what I wanted to offer at a tea event.  I came across a magazine called “Tea Time” and I have learned a great deal from reading that magazine.  I discovered that there was a ‘tea’ convention in Kansas City, so my sister-in-law and I went down to that.  It was a great event that helped me continue to ‘blend’ ideas of how I could offer an afternoon tea event.  One thing I learned at that convention was that I could not use loose leaf tea at ‘my’ teas, as we do not have enough room at Zuber’s to carry a variety of teas, and I did not have time to learn how to blend teas, so I decided to find a bagged tea that would go with the three courses I would serve at my afternoon teas.   I had decided that I wanted to serve my teas using china, tea sets, so as Sue and I drove back from Kansas City we stopped at some antique shops and I began to purchase china, tea sets.  I have 5 tables that I use for the teas limiting the number of guests to 20.  I purchased five different tea sets so each table would be set differently.  I collected tea table cloths, napkins, silverware, and teapots!   I decided to call my event “Tea and Tales” because I would offer a three course afternoon tea, and there would always be a local speaker to share ‘tales’ that related to the tea event.  Thus, 5 years ago, I began hosting “Tea and Tales”.  Over the various teas I have hosted, the event has grown and changed.  I host two tea events every year to coincide with weekend events in the Amana Colonies, and when possible,  I have hosted private teas for small groups.

My next “Tea and Tales” is part of ‘Take-A-Bite’ weekend in April.  My tea is going to be on Sunday, April 19th.  If you would like to come for a relaxing afternoon tea, call Zuber’s Homestead Hotel to place your reservation.  On our website is a pull-down item about “Tea and Tales” – have a look to learn more!  Next week I’ll share a little more about “Tea and Tales” and have some pictures of tea cup sets that will be for sale!

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Thank you for checking out our blog at Zuber’s Homestead Hotel! As owners we have the daily pleasure of visiting with our guests. Often we are sitting in our Wagon Wheel Room and have our conversation over a cup of coffee (or tea)!

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