Trivia questions

February 1, 2024 | Blog

The February newsletter had this picture at the top –

Do you know what is shown in the middle of the picture and where this is located in the hotel?

The location is in the brick archway that you walk under going from the main desk to the rooms.  I have been told it is a wolf paw print.  Homestead used to have a brick yard not too far from Zuber’s.  When remodeling was done and the arch added – it just happened that this brick was used – which means a wolf walked across the brick as it was drying.  I was also told that “they”, I’m guessing Bill and Connie had a professor from the U of I come out to identify what made the print.

  Next trivia picture!  Do you know where this is located and why it is there?  Check back next week to find out the answers!

Romance Weekend is coming up on February 9 and 10.  We still have rooms available.  Check our Special Events drop down to see the special package we are offering.  Sugar cookies, Italian dinner, and trivia are all part of the weekend.  We’d love to see you!

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