A Tulsa Retreat

March 16, 2017 | Blog, News & Updates

This week Brian and I have taken the week off to go explore Tulsa and enjoy staying in a B & B as guests!

We are staying at the Cedar Rock Inn Bed and Breakfast in Tulsa and it is amazing! All B & Bs are unique with their own special features – The Cedar Rock Inn is no exception and caught my eye when I was searching because of the unique structure.  It is stone on the lower level and wood on the upper. (I confess to being a Rock Hound at heart!) There is a wonderful history to this place and was a labor of love for the owner as she built on to the original structure to add more space for additional rooms, new kitchen and dining area.  There are 5 large rooms here and two “living room ” areas to relax in.  We are in the Cedar Room.  Not only is it comfortable and spacious, an enticing  feature to this room is that it has a sauna in it!  Each of the other rooms are equally unique. In addition to all of this space inside, there is plenty to see as you walk around the outside and find secluded seating areas, swings, a walking trail, a pond with seating area, and yard art to enjoy. Breakfast is served at 9:00 and has been delicious each day.  The staff here is very helpful and caring. In our 5th day of our stay, we’ve met 3 front desk/innkeepers who all have been extremely helpful with information and ideas of places to go and things to see.  We have met the owner, Sandi, and enjoyed our visit with her.  We have enjoyed our day trips around the city of Tulsa checking out antique shops, restaurants, and we even took in a movie (something we haven’t done in a long time).  Tomorrow we are taking a day trip to Bartlesville – more antiques, history and a St. Paddy’s day event. On Saturday we begin our drive back to Iowa and back to being the Innkeepers which is a job like no other – wonderful people to meet and stories to share!

This is definitely a B&B we will come back to!  We are relaxed, refreshed, and ready to get back to “work” at our B & B.

The pictures above are of the Cedar Rock Inn.  In the first one, you can just make out Brian standing in front of our room. The second picture is closer and gives you a feel for the beautiful structure of this B & B.  Below are pictures of the front yard with the sunken pond just beyond the trees.  I am standing in the stair well to the upper floor and the dining area is just to the right.  Finally is a picture of one of the “living rooms” which is just outside the Cedar Room, where we stayed.  Take a look at the money IN the floor!!




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