FAQ – Are you still Zuber’s Restaurant?

August 13, 2018 | Blog, News & Updates

At least once a week we have someone who stops in or someone who calls and ask –  “Are you still Zuber’s Restaurant?” or “Can we get a seating at 6:00 for 2 people?”.  While we hate to have to tell them that we are no longer a restaurant – we usually try to let them know that they are in “good company” with many other people who still hope to find this location serving the food that Zuber’s Restaurant was so well known for.  If they have stopped in, we show them the uniform that is on loan to us from the Zuber family, we show the menu we have under glass, and if we are not busy – we let them look around and continue to remember how this place looked when it was the restaurant.

Then we show them our room information and talk about how we try to honor the history while moving forward as a B & B type hotel.  Guests who stay with us receive breakfast and if they arrive between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. we have a sweet treat waiting for them to enjoy.

Since taking ownership of Zuber’s Homestead Hotel, many people have brought us “bits of the past”.  Below are some pictures of Zuber Restaurant items you may remember if you ate here.

Zuber’s Restaurant was more than just the food, it was the people who owned and worked there.  As many people as tell us fond remembrances of eating at Zuber’s, they also share stories of meeting and talking with Bill.

Both Brian and I remember coming to eat at this place – and my memory is of sitting under the brick arch at a table and all the food that just kept coming and coming and coming!  So if you want to eat “family style” meals today, you’ll need to go to The Ronneburg or The Ox Yoke Inn, both located in Amana.  You are sure to get a great meal at either place.

We are no longer a restaurant, but we have come full circle : 1862 Homestead Hotel, 1949 Zuber’s Restaurant, 2007 Zuber’s Homestead Hotel.

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