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August 24, 2020 | Blog, News & Updates

Another week has gone by, and another full day on Saturday cleaning up our back yard.

We were fortunate to have help again this weekend.  Our daughter enjoyed using the chainsaw so much that she was back to use it again!   Her fiance, his daughter, and his parents also came along to help.  We got so much done in about 7 hours  (including grilling burgers and brats for a picnic lunch)!

Once again, I will share a small gallery of pictures.  Eric, our future son-in-law really went ABOVE and beyond with helping as Brian put Eric up in the bucket  of the tractor so he could cut some limbs that were hanging down in the yard.

Jaclyn was busy cutting up downed limbs into more movable chuncks.

We have a pine tree near the entrance to our backyard, that lost a significant amount of branches.  So as we were eating lunch we talked about cutting the top part of that tree off and having the lower section carved into something else to go with the bat and ball.  Hum……I wonder what it will be??

There are still large branches that are caught in upper sections of the big trees that actually make a lovely cannopy.  We’ll have to have tree specialists come in to finish taking those branches down.  But I have to say….I’m considering whether we could hang some holiday lights from those branches to make a nice night-time seating area.  They do that in San Antonio on the River Walk during the holidays!  So pretty!

One picture shows the empty trailor and some long oak logs that we now have.  Brian has plans for those!

Finally, a couple of pictures of our backyard getting back to normal.

Also, we have been blessed this week with many calls from guests asking how we are doing after the storm!  Thank you to everyone who has been thinking about us!  We are fine and so is Zuber’s.

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