Spring is Coming!

March 7, 2017 | Blog, News & Updates

I always am excited to see the calendar turn to the month of March!  It means no matter what the groundhog predicted, Spring is coming – it is one month closer!  I also enjoy the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day because of all the green and it is a reminder to me that Spring is closer.  We are enjoying a little bit of “spring” in the Wagon Wheel Room as I have put several shamrock plants on the tables as center pieces.  It is a dainty plant with beautiful blooms.  While I have a large shamrock plant at home that I enjoy year-round, these smaller plants I just put at Zuber’s remind me that it is almost time to get outside and check for crocus, tulips, and daffodils poking through the ground.  Winter has been the time to not hurry, to get the things done on the “To-Do” list, and to just move a little slower.  Now as the “days get longer” and warmer, we “Spring Ahead” with the time, and we can spot plants beginning to grow – it is time to get moving a little faster and begin to plan for the work that needs done outside the hotel.
This year we are planning to put new planters on our front porch, continue to add to the garden stretching around our backyard, and we are hoping to put a “formal” entry to the backyard by adding a trellis or something along that line that you will walk through as you enter our backyard.  I love the Spring – it’s time to wake-up and smell the new season!


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