Spring “To Do” lists

May 24, 2017 | Blog, News & Updates

With the change of the seasons, the “Spring To-Do” list plays an active part of daily life around the hotel.  Top of our list this season was to change out the front/North doors on the building.  A noticeable feature of the style of the 1860s hotel, the 3 white front doors have seen many seasons and it was time to replace them.  As with any remodel or replacement job, it is not always as easy as it might seem.  We are fortunate to have a local contractor who has a great deal of experience with the “old” Amana buildings and he has many “tricks of the trade” that he can use if a project puts forth  “challenges”!!

I walked out to see how things were going when Charlie was working on this door.  He put the level up to the brick door frame and said “Look at that!  It is still plumb!”  An amazing thing given the age of this wonderful old building!


The 3 white front/North doors will still be a feature of the hotel, the storm doors will go from being an older style to a new style which will allow a clear view of the “Amana” interior doors, and the top screen will allow a nice breeze on days that we leave the doors open.

So this “To Do” job is almost done, thanks to Charlie!

Now the new doors will again show proudly on the front of the building.


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