Summer in the Amana Colonies

July 26, 2016 | Blog, News & Updates

Lily pond full viewSummer is a very busy time in the Colonies.  Thousands of people come to the Colonies to shop, eat, relax, and see what The Amana Colonies are all about!  We get to meet and work with visitors to the Amana Colonies daily!  We have the great fortune at Zuber’s that the guests stay all night and often multiple days so we get to visit with them for extended periods of time.lily pond close view

The Lily Pond is a beautiful site to see!  “Colonies in Bloom” is an event or a time to enjoy all the beautiful gardens around the 7 villages.  The Lily Pond is a feature of this time!


A new “feature” in the village of Amana this year is the Grant Wood statue located at the Visitor Center.

statue front statue back

This is part of the “Overalls All Over – A Grant Wood Experience”

This cast of “American Gothic” is six feet tall and weighs over 90 pounds.  It was painted by local artists DeAnna and Gordon Kellenberger.  There are 25 statues in Cedar Rapids, Eldon, and Amana.  The majority of these are located in Cedar Rapids.  All are painted differently.

There are many events throughout the summer, some are single day and some are weekend long.  So far we’ve had Rhubarbfest, Becksterfest, Wurst Festival, Colonies in Bloom, Bike and Hike Weekend, and Kinderfest to name a few.  Coming in August is Festival of the Arts, Throwback Saturday/Model A Day, BRIC (Bike Ride of Iowa County), Woodfest, and Catiri’s Fresh Paint, .  Then we get to September!  There is more to come!!!  Visiting the Amana Colonies during any season, you’ll find something to do!

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