Tea and Tales : Take A Bite

Take A Bite Festival

On April 21 – 23 there will be more food taste testing, classes, specialty meals, and food demonstrations than you can take in during the 3 day event! 

This is our 2nd “Take A Bite” food festival.  There are even more things to see, do, and eat than last year! There are several special meals scheduled during the 3 days and nights. For most of them, seating is limited and you will need a reservation.  Check out Amana Colonies.com for more details!

At Zuber’s we will be hosting a “Tea and Tales” on Sunday afternoon.  Seating for this event begins at 12:40.  This will be a 3 course afternoon tea.  Guests sit in tables of 4, so you can bring your own group of 4 or join a group! There is no dress-code, but tea goers have been known to wear a special hat for the event.  Each of the 5 tables will be set with different china and linens.  There will be a display table with a large variety of teapots for all to view.  The event begins at 1:00 with a welcome by myself, Bonnie.  Then I will share a few tea etiquette points for your enjoyment and interest.  After this, I bring out the Savory and Scone course.  At this time, a local resident/story teller will share stories related to food, food preparation, and Communal Kitchens with the history coming from days gone by of the Amana Colonies.  Our event usually is over by 2:30.  At this time guests are welcome to look over the teapots and if interested may look at rooms around the hotel.  More details are on our website under the Tea and Tales drop down.

The tea set featured, is one I found recently while on our vacation.  Some of  the information I will share this time will be about tea sets and how to “set up” for a tea.

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