The Lily Lake

August 1, 2017 | Blog, News & Updates, Zuber Specials

A stop at the Lily Lake is a MUST at this time of year!  It is absolutely a sight you won’t forget.  When you think ‘lake’ you think ‘water’.  Generally this is true, but at this time of year, ‘lake’ means ‘lilies as far as the eye can see’.

Some history of this lake goes as follows….in about 1870 or 1880 there was a break in the mill race levee.  The water from the mill race flooded this lowland marshy area forming a lake of about 170 acres.   One source I found said that “The lake was used to store water used to power the turbines at the dam in Amana.”  In addition it was used to harvest ice in the winter and people could ice skate on it.

It is easy to find Lily Lake.  It is located between Amana and Middle Amana, right beside the road.  You can’t miss it!  There are several pull over spots, just watch out for the geese who “patrol” the area during this time of year as well!

I stopped by the lake to get a few pictures yesterday – I hope you enjoy them and will come see the lake before the lilies stop blooming!  If you miss it this year, Lily Lake is always pretty to look at, and we know the lilies will bloom again next year!

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