Where in the World? – Follow up

April 20, 2017 | Blog, News & Updates

Just about a year ago I put up a set of maps in our entry hallway. Asking the question  “Where in the World” do our guests come from.  

There was/is a map of Iowa, the USA, and the World.  The purpose was to have fun watching to see where our guests come from when they stay with us at Zuber’s.  We certainly enjoy visiting with everyone hearing about their travels and their cities or countries.  It is fascinating to see the pins filling up the maps!

On our World Map we have pins in 11 different countries.

Canada, Bolivia, several European countries, Taiwan, and Australia


From the United States, 37 states are represented. There are only 3 states west of the Mississippi (not counting Alaska and Hawaii) that we have not had guests from, or at least that do not have any pins in the state to show someone has visited from there.



Cities in Iowa are well represented!

We know that not everyone who stays with us finds their way to mark the maps, but it certainly is fun watching the number of pins increase as the days past by.

If you have not yet “placed your pin” in one of our maps – we invite you to come and stay with us, explore the Amana Colonies, and put your pin in the map!!!

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