Winter in the Amana Colonies

January 21, 2016 | Blog, News & Updates, Zuber Specials

Winter in the Amana Colonies

I think, many would agree that for the most part….winter is a peaceful, quiet, and beautiful time of the year.  As with many statements, there is of course the exception to this sentiment…when Morning trainthe temperature drops to negative 27 with the wind chill, when we have an ice storm, a blizzard, or when you have to deal with deep snow on roads and sidewalks…but hopefully you can look at the “snowy cold”  as the “beauty after the storm”.   It is a time where there are not as many visitors to the colonies because people tend not to travel as much in the winter.  Businesses around the colonies often have shortened hours, it is inventory time for many. The “To Do” list that grew during the rest of the year begins to get whittled down.  At the hotel, it is our time to get projects done.  Finally it is a good time to take a short vacation – to someplace warm!!

So, what is there to do if you come to the colonies in the winter?

There is still some shopping that can be done.  You might check for “Winter Hours” prior to your visit if shopping is your main goal.  The restaurants are still more than happy to serve you a wonderful meal.  The Woolen Mill, Furniture Shop, Meat Market, and General Store all maintain regular hours.  Many of the Antique shops have weekend hours and some weekday hours.  If you have a favorite local artist – check their hours. Several are open by appointment and several have some weekend hours.  This Saturday is Winterfest.  There are many things to do throughout the day:  Wine walk, Mini Golf in the Festhalle Barn, visit the Middle Amana Communal Kitchen.  Go to the Market Barn to enjoy chili and hot chocolate, watch an ice sculptor, log sawing, Nagelhauen, “The Great Amana Ham Put”, Porkchop Slapshot, a Wreath Toss, and the Best Beard Competition.  You can also go ice skating.Romance Weekend flyer

If you look forward to next month, you can come to the Amana Colonies and enjoy RomanceWeekend on February 12 – 14.  There will be special overnight packages, special dinners, live theater, live music, and many stores will be open offering some type of special.

Looking ahead to March….Zuber’s will be hosting our second Murder Mystery.  This year the theme is centered around Mardi Gras.  Check out our website for more details.         Lily pond in winter

Winter in the Amanas…..yes, there are things to do


in the peaceful, quiet, beauty of Winter.

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