Special Recipes for the Holidays: Not Your Everyday Christmas Cookies!

December 1, 2023 | Recipes

Tired of your usual Christmas cookies? Why not try out one of these recipes from our archives for something a little different?

Anise Cookies – In communal cooking days, these licorice-flavored Christmas treats could be made at home and were then baked in the village bakery.

Nuss Platzchen / Hickory Nut Cookies – These cookies were a favorite to share every Christmas for one former Middle Amana resident.

Yule Jules – Fruit and chocolate, what’s not to like? They’re also a very festive-looking treat.

Süd Amana Lebkuchen – South Amana Honey Cookies – There are many variations of this recipe because there were so many different communal cooks! Search Honey Cookies if you’d like to see additional recipes.

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