Recipes: Looking Back to Ginger’s Almond Cake

January 16, 2022 | Recipes

sheetcake and plate with sliceSharing recipes is something that many people like to do! For most I would say that being asked for your recipe is a high compliment! But some cooks want to keep their recipes to themselves for a variety of reasons and I respect that. We often have guests ask for our recipes, and I leave that up to each cook as to whether they want to share their recipe or not. Every once in a while, a guest will share one of their recipes with us!

One such example is the DELICIOUS almond cake shared by Ginger, one of our guests. It is in our archives –  “Ginger’s Almond Cake”. A unique feature of this cake is that you need to make it at least 2 days prior to when you want to serve it. It needs time to “set up”! Enjoy!!!!!

See Ginger’s Almond Cake recipe

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