Recipes: Welcome to 2022!

January 2, 2022 | Recipes

Welcome to 2022!

Thank you for looking at our Recipe page! It is hard to believe that I have been posting recipes since late 2015! I started out with the idea of sharing great recipes from fantastic Amana Colonies cooks! Over the years I have shared recipes from fantastic Amana Colonies cooks, as well as recipes from several church cookbooks that I have, many of the cooks I know to be fantastic cooks!

One of the first recipes I shared is a traditional Amana New Year’s treat – the New Year’s Pretzel. Many people order their pretzel(s) from Hahn’s Bakery in Middle Amana. However you can find a recipe included in Amana cookbooks. One year, curious to try out the recipe, we made some New Year’s pretzels at Zuber’s.

Here is a picture of our pretzels.

New Year Pretzels

Try the New Year’s Pretzel recipe for yourself! As you can see, you can top the pretzel in more than one way!

Happy baking!

– Innkeeper Bonnie

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