Recipe: Reise mit Citronsosse / Rice Balls with Lemon Sauce

March 5, 2017 | Recipes

Reise mit Citronsosse / Rice Balls with Lemon Sauce

For rice balls
1 ½ cups rice
½ teaspoon salt
5 cups water

For lemon sauce
3 tablespoons cornstarch
¾ cup sugar
3 cups water
2 egg yolks, beaten
Juice of 1 lemon

Combine rice ball ingredients and boil in top of double boiler for about 1 ½ hours or until water is absorbed and rice is tender. Chill rice.

Form rice into small balls and arrange in a 2-quart glass dish.

For lemon sauce, combine cornstarch and sugar; add water slowly until cornstarch is dissolved. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture is smooth. Cook for about 5 minutes, stirring all the while. Cool slightly; add well-beaten egg yolks and lemon juice. Cool. Pour over rice balls and chill at least 2 hours before serving.

Serves six.

Elizabeth Schoenfelder, Amana

Note: A popular summertime dessert served on Mehlspeisen day or, perhaps, Saturday at noon.

This recipe comes from the cookbook Seasons of Plenty: Amana Communal Cooking and was posted with permission of author Emilie Hoppe. Learn more about the book and how to purchase it.

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