Plein Air Amana – this weekend

August 28, 2019 | Uncategorized

The annual Fresh Paint/Plein Air Amana event founded by Catiri’s Art Oasis is this weekend!  The number of artists that participate in this event has steadily increased each year.  In my observation: the artists come to the colonies on Friday.  They receive the time frame and guidelines of the event for that year.  Then they find areas that they are “drawn to” and they paint, paint, paint!  As a local or tourist, you’ll see artists set up along the side of a road, in someone’s yard, on a street corner, or anywhere that interests them – even in a cemetery! By Sunday noon, they stop and turn in their work.  Some of the pieces are entered in a competition and some are not.  On Sunday evening if you have purchased a ticket, you get to come for a viewing of the paintings  and are able purchase any you ‘can’t live without’, this is  followed by a dinner.  The winners are announced and then the viewing is opened to anyone to come and the evening finishes with music by Catfish Keith.  We LOVE to see the variety of paintings. One year there were 3 or 4 different artists who painted a field of round hay bales.  While each had looked at the same field, all the paintings were a unique view of that field.  So much fun to look at each!   Below are pictures of some of the artwork we have purchased over the years, which now line the halls at Zuber’s for all to see and enjoy!  This is a wonderful event that we look forward to each year!   We have been enjoying this event every year that we’ve been at Zuber’s.  

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