Room 1 The Trumpeter Swan

January 23, 2022 | Blog, Did you know?

The Trumpeter Swan

The Trumpeter Swan is our first room when you go up the two steps into the lodging part of Zuber’s.  This room has a queen bed in it and the bathroom has a shower and a jet tub. The theme of this room connects to the Amana Colonies in that Trumpeter Swans can be seen on Lily Lake year round. The Iowa connection for this room is Iowa State University. There are 2 connections that I can easily make. First, the ISU colors are red and gold.  The walls in the Trumpeter Swan are “radish red”. We accent with white, but when I find something gold that will enhance the room, I’ll be sure to add it!  Second, a long standing tradition on the Iowa State campus are the two mute swans which make their home on the central campus lake, called Lake LaVerne.  These two swans are named Lancelot and Elaine.  Decorations in the Trumpeter Swan room reflect swans and ISU.

Did you know….(the history I have been told is) that when Zuber’s was a restaurant, The Trumpeter Swan Room and The Major Leaguer were one long private dining room? Located in this room was a locally famous mural called “The Indian Dam”.  This mural is currently located in the “Next Door Event Center” here in Homestead. There are many interesting historical pieces there. Next Door is managed by The Die Heimat Country Inn.

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