Did you know?

When we purchased Zuber’s, the theme of this room was hunting, which you’ll still see throughout.  I added to the theme to reflect all types of ourdoor recreation in the area.  Now you’ll see ideas of outdoor activities such as snow skiing, snow shoes (these skiis were in the Wagon Wheel Room when we purchased … Read more

The Trumpeter Swan The Trumpeter Swan is our first room when you go up the two steps into the lodging part of Zuber’s.  This room has a queen bed in it and the bathroom has a shower and a jet tub. The theme of this room connects to the Amana Colonies in that Trumpeter Swans … Read more

This is the first in a series of blog posts about the 15 rooms at Zuber’s Homestead Hotel. The theme for each of our rooms has a connection to the Amana Colonies and to the state of Iowa.  The theme for this room is baseball. Bill Zuber is the Amana connection as he had a … Read more

As we begin the winter and things slow down in the colonies,  I decided it would be fun to start a string of blog posts that share information about each of our rooms as well as bits and pieces of information you may not know about the hotel and Amana Colonies history. As you may … Read more