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Apfelfest is this Saturday in the Amana Colonies, and what better time to link you to some of our apple recipes?! Looking back through our archives, we found we’ve posted SO many recipes that use apples. So we’re going to spread them out over a couple of weeks instead of putting them all in one … Read more

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Wine is a fast-growing industry in Iowa. It’s nothing new to the Amana Colonies though! Vintners have been making wine here for 150+ years. In the past, each village had its own vitner and vineyards. They used grapes found within the villages to make their communal supply of wine. You’ll see many buildings and yards … Read more

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As of September 5, 2023, the following changes will go into effect at Zuber’s: Change to Check-In Times Our hotel policies have been updated to reflect a change to our check-in times. We look forward to greeting guests between 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.  If you know you will arrive later than 6:00 p.m. please call … Read more

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Grape trellises have long adorned traditional Amana homes. At Zuber’s we have a wonderful grapevine that always produces plenty of grapes. You know Summer is winding down and Fall will be arriving soon when the grapes are ready to be picked! If you also have access to fresh grapes, you might be wondering what you … Read more


Late summer is a time when we often see zucchini in abundance! Whether you find yourself overwhelmed with a bumper crop – or neighbors that keep sharing their plentiful harvest – it’s always good to know more ways to use it up!  This week we’ve got another collection of great recipes for you, all sweets … Read more

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Instead of a new recipe, this week we’re featuring a collection of some that we’ve shared in the past. We’ve been posting recipes on our website since 2014 which means there are now so many good ones to choose from! Peaches are in season in many places in August making it a great time to … Read more

Zuber’s is proud to be the recipient of a Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice award for 2023! The honor is given to hotels that have consistently earned great reviews from travelers over the last year and are ranked within the top 10% of properties on Tripadvisor. Thanks so much to our guests that shared their experiences with … Read more

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We wanted to inform you about an important change to the Colonies in Bloom event that we included in our last newsletter. The event had been scheduled to be a two-part event happening on June 3rd and July 22nd. However, due to the weather that we’ve been having here lately, area gardens aren’t going to … Read more

This is not my usual type of post, but we are trying to think outside the box! I realize many of you are not in the area, so please disregard.   If anyone knows someone who might be interested in the opportunity to work at Zuber’s, we hope you’ll pass this information along.  Thank you!   … Read more

We have not been able to send a newsletter this month, as the company we have been working with can no longer offer this service. We are trying to find another way to post a newsletter and will post one as soon as we can.