FAQ – Who Was Bill Zuber? 

“Zuber’s Homestead Hotel”  Where does that name come from? “Didn’t this used to be a restaurant?” “We used to come here (to eat) on Sundays.” “Why is there a baseball theme in parts of this place?” All of these are questions we hear frequently and are more than happy to answer. This building was built […]

Grandma’s Gift 

Just in time for Christmas, here is a chance to make a keepsake memory book from you to your grandchild!  Share memories and make memories as you begin this book and you will receive ideas on how to finish it with your grandchild! On Sunday, November 3rd from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. join other […]

Signs of Fall 

Like it or not, the seasons are changing!  There definitely is a difference in the weather.  We went from hot and humid, to chilly, and this week two very humid days leading up to lower temperatures and rain soon to come.  Is this our “Indian Summer”? In the colonies, fall means Oktoberfest (among other things).  […]

brown and blue model cars

Plan a trip to the Amana Colonies 

Pack your bags and head down the road to the Amana Colonies! Don’t know what to see or do?  We would be happy to help you plan your visit to the colonies! In our “Things To Do” drop down, we have included several links that list upcoming events and special activities which can help you […]

Zuber's breakfast table

FAQ – Is there a breakfast? 

I am going to add a new category to my blog posts that focuses on Frequently Asked Questions about our B & B or about B & Bs in general.  We are excited to be having so many ‘First time’ at a B&B guests, that I decided to offer some information up front to help […]

Catiri’s Fresh Paint – Follow up 

It was wonderful weather last weekend!  There were 45 different artists out and around the colonies painting all different scenes. They had their painting stands set up,  some had umbrellas to help with lighting or a little light rain, some painted sitting on the back of their truck!  All the artists we saw were very […]

Plein Air Amana – this weekend 

The annual Fresh Paint/Plein Air Amana event founded by Catiri’s Art Oasis is this weekend!  The number of artists that participate in this event has steadily increased each year.  In my observation: the artists come to the colonies on Friday.  They receive the time frame and guidelines of the event for that year.  Then they […]

Woodfest picture of barn

Woodfest is this weekend 

Are you looking for something to do this weekend – August 23 – 25?  Do you appreciate things made from wood and the skill it takes to create those items?  This weekend is a wonderful time to see a variety of wood creations.  We have been going to Woodfest for the last 7 years and […]