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I got this recipe from Audrey Ann Herbers. She was a first grade teacher in Laurens-Marathon when I was a Kindergarten teacher there. She brought this pie to a potluck we had - boy was it a hit! It is also easy to make and could be made by Kindergarten or 1st graders as an […]

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I got this recipe from a friend living in West Branch, Iowa - Lisa Kofoed. She served this at a party and people really gobbled it down! The sweet taste is a nice change from the traditional chex mix. I also like that you can make it in the microwave and you use brown grocery […]

Shamrock plant

This week I want to update you on temporary changes that I'm aware of in the colonies. The Ox Yoke Inn posts that they are doing carry out meals only until April 1st. They have a posting on their website with current hours/service. The Ronneburg Restaurant has reduced hours now and is only offering carry […]

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This recipe comes from my mom's recipe box. I am not sure who the cook/author is, but most of the recipes in my mom's box came from either my Granny, my great Aunt Edith or my great Aunt Irene. All were awesome cooks! My family LOVES these cookies when they are fresh and hot. They […]

yellow spring flowers

Just as we are all thinking about spring and looking forward to summer just around the corner, we have to adjust our plans. Due to the COVID-19 virus restrictions the following upcoming events in the Amana Colonies have been rescheduled. Luckily, none of the upcoming events (that I am aware of) have been canceled, just […]

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This is a recipe from my collection. I copied it from my mom’s recipe collection. I am guessing it came from my Granny or my great Aunt Edith. Banana Nut Bread Measure and sift together: 1 ¾ c. flour 2 tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. soda ½ tsp. salt Blend: ⅓ c. shortening ⅔ c. […]

Tea set with purple flowers

Tea and Tales is an event at Zuber's which evolved from a conversation my daughter and I had several years ago. We have enjoyed taking advantage of every opportunity we have had to "take tea" at a tea house, tea room, or tea event in the area. I took Jaclyn to her first tea at […]

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This is a recipe I received from a high school friend - Lisa Noring. I have adapted it to a larger size. Lisa’s recipe calls for 3 tubes of biscuits - however I use 4 because usually that is how they come packaged at the store. It simply makes a bigger batch - and you […]

Something that I enjoy sharing at Zuber's, is an event called "Tea and Tales". My daughter and I have always enjoyed finding tea rooms or tea shops to have an afternoon tea.  When we purchased Zuber's, Jaclyn "suggested" to me that the Wagon Wheel Room would be a perfect place to host an afternoon tea.  […]

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This is from my recipe collection. I got this recipe from a friend in the early 1980s. It is hand written on a piece of paper - but no cook's name. We were in a card club and someone brought this one night. One great thing about this recipe is you don't have to worry […]