Tannenbaum trees decorated in blue and white

  Thousands of people walked through the Tannenbaum forest this year.  I was able to work 2 different shifts and got to greet many people as they returned to the forest as part of a family tradition, and to welcome people as they came to enjoy the Tannenbaum forest for the first time. The forest … Read more

Tannenbaum trees

It is amazing how much of our life is guided by a calendar!  Days we work, days off, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, vacations, holidays, etc!  As part of a tourism community, we have all of these personal dates to keep track of, in addition to keeping track of how busy we are with guests and also … Read more

side front of Zubers with fall decor

I love the changing seasons in Iowa!  Sometimes they change gradually and sometimes it happens way too fast!  This year we had summer – hot, hot weather, then LOTS of rain, and now the leaves are changing and snowflakes have already been floating around in the air! For me, each change of seasons is exciting.  … Read more

Oktoberfest banner

Do you know what “Schnitzelbank” is?  For one thing, it is the theme for this year’s Oktoberfest parade: “A Tribute to Schnitzelbank”.  Still no clue? Come to see the parade to enjoy the fun! Schnitzelbank is a singing game.  There is a poster and a pointer to be used by the person directing the game.  … Read more

Oktoberfest banner

Are you planning on coming to the Amana Colonies to celebrate Oktoberfest?  If you’ve never been, you should consider giving it a try!  There will be lots of people, parking will be a challenge, but there will be food, music, games, and fun !

Woodfest tree picture

If you enjoy seeing wood in all its beauty – Amana’s RV park is the place to come this weekend to enjoy Woodfest! This is an annual event that brings many talented woodcrafters with hundreds of items to choose from that they have made.   We love going to this event and have never walked away … Read more

Baseball menu

At least once a week we have someone who stops in or someone who calls and ask –  “Are you still Zuber’s Restaurant?” or “Can we get a seating at 6:00 for 2 people?”.  While we hate to have to tell them that we are no longer a restaurant – we usually try to let them know … Read more

Roof plant

More than likely this will be the same kind of plant as we have growing on the ground….but look at this! We have been watching this vine as it began to grow from the gutter on our Wash Shed.  The normal vines are growing on the roof, but along beside them…there is also this possible … Read more

Plant with yellow flowers

How remarkable some plants can be!  You can work and work to get soil ready and water new seeds and sometimes no matter how hard you try, they don’t sprout.  And then….there are seeds that grow basically on their own and the plants need very little ‘help’. Last fall I had picked up some gourds … Read more